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13 most Expert SEO Tips which will actually rank your website[2019]

     The common answer any one would get when they ask some tips how to rank on google #1 or SEO tips and tricks 2019, you might probably get these answers
have a mobile friendly site,
increase your page speed
but you already know this,
and that makes your sick and tired of hearing the same seo tips over and over again make sure you read this post which deals with tactics, techniques, and strategies that you probably didn’t knew. And We are about teach you What google’s view on SEO for the blog posts.

1. Covering sub topics of existing pages

     Get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that google bots wants see.
From a study we found out that from 3 million searches for how many keywords we you can rank for with one page. and found that the average #1 ranking page will also rank well for about 1,000 other relevant keywords.


so how to find these keyword there are 2 ways
1. The free keyword research tool – which is google keyword planner
2. The paid keyword research tool – there are many like ahrefs, semrush,kw finder,etc.

Lets go with the free tool first, put you title or keyword on google search bar and and take the google auto-suggetion keywords and add those in you article, after the search of your keyword go to the bottom of that searched page and take those LSI keyword which google shows you, use them for the post you write.


2. Quora - reverse engineering

     No matter what niche your in for generating user generated traffic and since no one actively
building links these forum threads(quora), they are gonna be really easy keyword target. Go to google and search for quora and lets say i have a blog which is related to ‘sheo’ and type in that keyword in the search box. see for the page which has low referring domains with generaging more thousands of monthly traffic.


3. Anchored image links

     Creating quality graphics and images is hard and expensive, then what people do? they steal it. so here is how you do it using google chrome. Go to the infographics or image your found worth using in a post, and right click on image to go to ‘google search for images’,


and you will see the image appearing on bunch of sites. and go to this site and make sure these sites link back you.


4. Broken link building

     Broken link building is one of the easiest way of tactic that everyone do, you find the pages that are broken link and backlinks pointing to it, and re-create that page and reach out to the website that are linking to the broken page and ask them for link.


5. Include case studies and stats

     when you include stat and cases that make the post more reliable, and this how you can do thisuse your own surveys with email subscribers and social media followers. and gather boring data make it interesting, you can do this by turning it into a video or infographics, etc.

6. Consider search intent first

     Just because a keyword has a high search volume it doesn’t mean that you should target it. Lets take an example of “digital marketing” you will see a tens of thousand search queries per month. when see it with paid tools like ahrefs you will see that it gets clicked only less than 5% times.

but when you put the term like “digital marketing in bangalore” the search is narrowed and clicks are with 51%. So always remember the search intent.
and you should ask your self that do people searching for this likely have search intent to buy what i have, can i convert this traffic into leads and is there enough search demand t make it worth creating and promoting. if the answer is no then you might want move on.

7. Add modifier keywords

The modifier keywords are base to add-ons .to base keyword, like best,top,buy and current year. For example someone looking for ‘seo agency‘ might be looking for ‘best seo agency’ or ‘top seo agency’ or ‘best seo agency 2019‘.
Modifiers can help you rank more keywords and also meet people in buying through different journey. Lets say if you own a E-commerce site and you wanna sell a frying pan you can add best frying pan, and play along with keyword.


8. Monitor your competitors links

     when someone links to your competitor’s content you need to ask your self, why aren’t they linking to you. and answer is obvious that they don’t know your resource exist. and even if you email them and inform about your resources its probably too late, Because timing is critical component in success.
you can solve this by monitoring one of your competitors. off-course its in paid mode but still worth it. go to any paid tools and put your competitors URL and see how many links and referring domains they have and steal them and create your backlinkes. that way  you can dominate your competition.


9. Low competition Key word

In the seo community it is accepted that all the quality backlinks help you rank high, Right?. So that should mean that if a has no backlink but gets a ton of organic traffic and visitors then that page must have ranked for some low competition keywords. Go to google keyword explorer and put the base keyword and see the competition for that keyword which has high search volume and low competition, take the relevant keyword and focus on it.


10. Claim unlinked mentions

when someone mentions you and your company they should link to you right?. Well people don’t usually do that, and there are few ways to find who mentioned you but haven’t linked it. Go to google search bar type = your brand-site:your domain.Example lets take a brand like “ahrefs-site:ahrefs.com”.


If a have a blog post that done particularly well like gaining linkes or ganering engagement then it might be a good idea to repurpose the content turn into differnt medium like video or infographics or a podcaste or map or a slideshare presentation.
and re-purposing your content you can expand your reach on different platforms and reach larger audience.


12. Grab link from wikipedia

Before that you must know that they are ‘nofollow’ links but yes they can give you more quality links than other site. Because they have over a billion visitors looking for translation, information or even to know more about things they don’t.
And you cann’t add or spam them because there are spamming team to curate it but it matter how wisely you can add. to find how can you
contribute to wiki go to google and type site:wikipedia.org “fish food” as your search phrase or anything you wish. and the pages you got are the high volume traffic pages, so yes creating or
contributing to wikipedia do help you to build a brand and traffic.


13. Optimized featured snippet

Featured snippets are answers or partial answers showed to the questions directly in the search results and some study shows that these featured snippets contributes to a direct click to 8.1% traffic to webpages.
For there to appear you should be ranking in the top 10 of google’s search results and see how the current featured snippet is formatted and what part of the question is answered.


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